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ClairStone Communications provides a full spectrum of strategic marketing, advertising and public relations services to small to mid-sized companies.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But what does it mean for your business?

ClairStone helps small and emerging business talk to their customers in their own voice (we call that a brand), with a clear message (we call that communications), in a way that makes sense (whether through PR, word of mouth, electronic marketing, or through every touchpoint your customers have with your business). We help you determine the best, most cost efficient approach to customer communications so that you can take your business where you want it to go (we call that success).


Owned and operated by Lisa Clair and Beth Darman Stone since 1988, the company's expertise includes a variety of retail and service-oriented domains: home care, healthcare, retail, nonprofit organizations and professional services. What makes ClairStone brilliant is their years of experience and accumulated wisdom; what makes ClairStone shine is their practical, hands-on approach to helping their clients succeed.