who we are


Lisa Clair and Beth Darman Stone met 20 years ago when each was freelancing for Child World, a chain of children’s toy stores. Beth’s 10 years in advertising and promotions with Marshalls, and Lisa’s in advertising and public relations with Mervyn's, created the perfect blend of retail experience. They knew from the beginning that they could do more than work well together, they could work synergistically. When Child World closed its doors, they formed ClairStone Communications specializing in national retail marketing and advertising.


Their first client was Staples. Then a new and innovative concept, the company was growing like wildfire across the country. For nearly 10 years, Lisa and Beth worked with Staples along with other national retail chains. They created full and fulfilling work lives while busy raising their families, Lisa in Southern Connecticut, and Beth just outside Boston.


Several years ago, Lisa and Beth had the opportunity to work with a small start up company, developing a full-range marketing strategy. They knew this was the right direction to take ClairStone for the next phase of their lives and soon began seeking smaller and emerging businesses as clients.


Now with many years of experience behind them, they continue to do what they do best – establish the kind of close relationships with their clients that inspires them to be their most brilliant – through original, smart and impactful communications strategies.